Want To Delete Your Facebook Profile? Here’s How.

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Time to Delete Your Facebook Profile, or Deactivate It For a Period of Time?

A client of mine recently discovered  she had two personal Facebook profiles and wanted to delete one of them. She wasn’t sure who, or whether she, had set up the account but since she had access we assumed she had created the account a few years back.

Sometimes with Facebook these things aren’t easy to figure out. Although often once you figure out the process you realize it really wasn’t that complicated.

So, for those of you who are wanting to delete your Facebook profile – or may want (or need) to take a break from Facebook, here’s how to do it.

Steps to Deleting or Deactivating Your Facebook Profile

(Images outlining the steps follow the instructions below.)

  1. Login to your Facebook profile on a desktop device, laptop or tablet. (I haven’t tested this using an app.)
  2. Click on the drop-down arrow in the top right corner of your profile. (Image 1)
  3. From the drop-down menu click on ‘Settings & Privacy’. (Image 1)
  4. Under ‘Settings’ click on ‘Your Facebook Information’. (Image 2)
  5. When ‘Your Facebook Information’ opens scroll to the bottom of the options (Image 2) and click on the view link to the right of ‘Deactivation and Deletion’. (Image 2)
  6. When the page opens choose ‘Delete account’ (or Deactive Account, if you just want to take a break from Facebook. (Image 3)
Steps to Deleting or Deactivating Your Facebook Profile - Image 1
Steps to Deleting Facebook Personal Profile
Steps to Deleting Facebook Personal Profile

NOTE: According to Facebook, when you delete your account you have ’30-day period’ to change your mind before the account is permanently deleted, as of this writing. (June 2021)