Twitter’s New Cover Image – An Improvement?

by | Marketing, Twitter

I admit that when I first heard about Twitter’s new Header Photo release today I was excited! It’s been touted as similar to the Facebook Cover Image. And, being a social media gal myself, figured I better hop right on this. You know, get mine up NOW not later.

As I looked into how it works though, I have to say I’m not overly impressed. Your Header Photo appears behind your profile picture, bio and website address that usually appears to the right of your profile picture.

This seriously limits the ability to be creative and pretty much requires that the center of your image is one colour – if you want your bio, etc. to be readable.

I suppose it’s okay if you’ve added a very bland Header Photo that includes a large blank space in the middle of your image, so that your bio, etc. stand out.

I like change, I really do! And I was looking forward to this new opportunity to be creative with Twitter – a network I really like. But, at least today, I’m disappointed.

A few folks have hinted that Twitter’s new Photo Header is similar to Facebook’s Cover Image. My two cents? It’s nothing like it! At least not yet.

Note: If you’re a celeb or get creative with a photo of you, this could work. Even then, you may have a problem ensuring the text with your other info is readable.