Twitter Posting: Does Saturday Make A Difference?

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According to the Infographic shown below, “Tweeting on a Saturday as opposed to a Friday could result in almost twice the number people clicking your links.”

The operative word here is ‘could’.

Each business is different so consider:

  • Who is your Target Audience?
  • When is your Target Audience online (there are apps that can help you determine best times – this isn’t an exact science)?
  • What are you posting and how effective is it?

Obviously, simply tweeting on Saturdays and including links in your tweets will not increase your click through rate!

Are your tweets worded in such a way that they attract people? So that when people see and read the tweet they want to click on a link included?

Not all of your posts are likely to contain links. If they do, great. If they don’t, your goal is the same – attract attention to the tweet by providing something that is interesting for people to read, or inspires people to click on the link included.

The more interesting/attractive your tweets are, the more often they are likely to stand out when people are scrolling through their Twitter feeds.

Regardless of how many people are online at any given time, what you post will determine whether followers will, or won’t, click on a link. Even then, the volume of Tweets (competition for eyeballs) and how often you’re tweeting (the lifespan of a tweet isn’t that long) will impact your click-through rate.

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