A Few Things To Watch For When Paying To Boost Facebook Posts

by | Best Practices, Facebook

Facebook Automatic Placement Option – Make Sure YOU Choose The Option Best For You

If you want to ensure Facebook is only showing your ads on Facebook, it’s not enough to deselect Automatic Placement. You must also deselect any other platforms Facebook has automatically selected, like Messenger and/or Instagram. If you only click the ON button to Off to deselect Automatic Placement and do not deselect any other platforms that can be deselected, Automatic Placement will be reset to ‘ON’ once you’ve closed out of the boosted post ad.

Always Double-Check Your Facebook Boost Budget – To Avoid Paying More Than You Planned

ALWAYS!!! input the amount you want to spend for boosting your Facebook Ad Post!! Often, if you have a set amount you use, the amount may automatically appear in the budget field. However, periodically, you’ll find Facebook inputs a different number. For instance, some of my clients spend $10 or $20 to boost a post for a 7-day period. Not infrequently, I’ve found that the budget, before I check or change it, has been set by Facebook at $48 or $70 for that period. If you don’t check this amount EVERY time you may be in for a rude surprise when you receive your Facebook ad charges.