Social Networking Usernames For Business – Checking Availability & Tips For Creating (Redirected)

by | Advertising, Branding, Marketing, Social Media

Are you able to easily access, and refer clients to,  your business Facebook Page or LinkedIn profile?  Is your distinct URL for these sites one that YOU have chosen? Is it easy to remember and does it look good printed on your business card?

If not, consider creating a unique URL (aka vanity URL, username, website address) that is:

  • shorter (Twitter allows 15 characters maximum – a good rule of thumb)
  • easy to remember (for you and your clients)
  • consistent (with your business or personal name, website and other social media sites – it’s easier to remember if they’re all the same)
  • fits nicely on print material (i.e. business cards, fliers and other marketing and advertising pieces)

Setting a custom web address for your social networks as soon as your accounts are set up, or at least as soon as you’re allowed to do so, ensures you secure the name for your business. (This assumes you aren’t infringing on the legal ownership of a brand or name belonging to someone else.)

When deciding on your unique URL or custom web address, sites like NameChk may be useful in helping you determine if the name you would like to use is available on various sites. By entering a name they will provide a list showing you what social networking sites are available for the name you’ve entered.

Aim to secure your domain name (buy it!) as soon as you learn it

Keep in mind that for some social sites, like Facebook and Google+, you may be limited to the number of times the URL can be changed. So, be sure you can secure your website domain name (if you don’t already have one) and the username/URL for the key social networking sites first. And, make sure it is one you can to live with long term.