Social Media & Online Buying: The Mom Factor

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Not surprisingly, social networks, and especially ones like Facebook and Pinterest, have a huge base of active users who also happen to be Moms. Females in general tend to be big users of these social networks. Moms even more so, and Facebook and Pinterest in particular.

According to an Infographic appearing on and prepared by Statista, shown at the bottom of this article:

  • 80% of Moms use social networks regularly, as opposed to 55% of the general online population
  • 42% of Moms have made a purchase as a result of a recommendation on a social networking site, as opposed to 29% of non-Moms
  • 59% of Moms recommend companies/brands via social networking sites, as opposed to 44% of non-Moms
  • 49% of Moms talk about brands/companies they follow on Facebook, as opposed to 33% of non-Moms

For retailers considering whether or not to use social media to help build their brand online, especially those whose target audience includes Moms, these numbers should not be ignored.

With Christmas fast approaching busy parents, and Moms in particular, will be thinking about all things Christmas. Gifts, decorations, food, recipes, gift cards, wrapping materials, travel plans, clothing and the list goes on and on.

Retailers with virtual stores or physical locations who use social media to provide:

  • helpful ideas, tips and information related to making Christmas easier, beautiful and meaningful
  • great visuals that go along with the items above, or that stand alone (very important!)
  • easy to use links to the places where Moms (and other consumers) can easily make their purchases or find information

. . . will benefit. And retailers that don’t use social media to share helpful/valuable information with customers and potential customers are likely to lose out.

When it comes to online shopping in general, an October 2012 report from Burst Media (ONLINE INSIGHTS, Holiday Spending Season 2012, Shopping Intentions, Attitudes and Behaviors of Online Adults) reports:

“The vast majority—87.2%—of respondents to our survey go online to research and/or shop for holiday products and gifts. This figure is up nearly 10% from our 2011 study (79.5%) and is in-line with an October 2012 report from PriceGrabber. That study also found that consumers plan to spend considerable time online devoted to shopping: 38% plan to spend three to six hours online; 29% plan to spend up to two hours and 19% said they plan to spend over 10 hours.”

In our fast-paced world, Moms, along with most of the rest of us, are looking for ways to make life less stressful and easier.  If you’re a retailer, what are you doing to address this need, and reap the benefits of doing so?

Moms and Social Media in 2012