Social Media & Mobile Usage: The Differences Between Women & Men

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This infographic designed for and uses data from the following sources to identify the differences between how men and women use social media and mobile:

  • Pew Research’s Internet Project 2013 Survey
  • Nielsen Global Survey 2013
  • Nielsen Q4 2013 Cross-Platform Report
  • 2014 Mobile Behavior Report by ExactTarget

The more dramatic differences showed up in two areas:

  • 71% of women, as opposed to 18% of men,  are more likely to like or follow a brand for deals (a HUGE difference and one worth paying attention to if your target demographic is largely women, or men)
  • 56% of men, as opposed to 39% of women, are  more likely to scan coupons or QR codes (again, worth noting if your target demographic is more heavily weighted on one sex as opposed to the other)

There are a few other big gaps, but the two mentioned stood out for me. Your thoughts?

social media infographic

Review by David Adelman | See our Facebook