Is Social Media Just A Passing Fad?

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You may be wondering “is social media just a passing fad”? Some thought that in the early days of the Internet too.  For that matter, many labelled the Printing Press as ‘just a passing fad’.  We all know how that turned out.

The answer to this question is unequivocally, ‘no’. All the evidence shows social media is here to stay. Businesses of all sizes, small and large alike, who don’t factor social media into their overall marketing strategy, are missing out on important and profitable business opportunities. If they wait on the sidelines too long they may find themselves so far behind that it’s much more difficult to catch up or get ahead once they’re finally ready to take action.

Engaging Consumers, Building Brand Loyalty, Growing Business

Many large businesses are using social media sites like Facebook and Twitter (the big players today) to engage consumers, to build brand loyalty and grow their business.  If you watch TV at all, you’ll see that most major advertisers are highlighting their distinct Facebook Page address, and some their Twitter address, in their ads.

The Numbers Are High & Growing

The fact is, according to statistics, close to 80% of our population use the Internet – and more than 50% of our population use Facebook.

Facebook statistics state that the average user has 130 ‘friends’; is connected to 80 community pages, groups and events; and creates 90 pieces of content each month!

In a recently published global survey of business use of social networks by Regus Business, these observations were made:

  • 47% of businesses use social networking to win new business – up 7% from from 40% in July 2010
  • Companies using social networking are more commercially successful. A higher proportion of them report increased revenues and profits compared to those that do not use social networks to acquire new business.
  • More than 34% of companies actively devote a marketing budget to social networking – up from 27% a year ago.

There is huge growth potential for those businesses that seriously take on the challenge of social media as a part of their overall branding and marketing strategy.

What’s The Next Step When It Comes To Social Media?

There are several options when it comes to social media, but for many small businesses Facebook is an excellent place to start. That is, if you …

  • Make the time to create your content thoughtfully and with your customers in mind: what are they looking for, wanting to know, see, hear about – what they will perceive as valuable, interesting and/or worth sharing.
  • Respond promptly and courteously to comments posted as well as to complaints, concerns, etc.
  • See Facebook as one of the tools that will help you forge a stronger relationship with your customers.
  • Build trust and respect for your brand through how you connect and serve your customers.
  • Have a product and/or service that people want or need, whether they know it yet or not.

The Magic Bullet?

Social media in general and Facebook in particular are not magic bullets. Social media requires a good deal of thought, preparation, perseverance and hard work to be effective.

It’s fair to say that in today’s digital world, social media done well can help build brand awareness and reputation.

All other things being equal, social media giant Facebook can be a worthwhile partner in your overall marketing strategy, assuming your target audience is active on Facebook.

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