Social Media Has Changed The Marketing Game

by | Marketing, Social Media

If you haven’t heard of Michael Hyatt yet, that’s likely to change very soon.

His new book ‘Platform‘ has just been released. Subtitled ‘How to get noticed in a noisy world’ the book is a ‘step-by-step guide for anyone with something to say or sell’. Seriously, watch for it to become a best seller in the not too distant future.

I bought the book yesterday after receiving an email from leadership guru John Maxwell. Maxwell is a leader I respect and his high regard for the book had me checking it out. To be honest, the bonuses that accompanied the purchase, if I bought before May 26, prompted me to buy the book right away rather than later. I’m SO glad I did.

‘Platform’ is one of those books that is hard to put down. It provides practical steps, inspiration, and solid reasons for why we need to act – if we’re serious about expanding our reach, our influence, and growing our business, or non-profit.

It highlights the opportunities available to pretty much anyone today, because of the internet and social media, to change their business and their world, if not the world. As Hyatt points out, “social media has changed the game” and “marketing as we knew it is largely dead”.

It isn’t news to most of us that social media has changed the game, or even that marketing as we knew it is largely dead. The fact is though, few businesses are seriously acting on this knowledge.

Putting up a Facebook or Google+ Page, a LinkedIn account or Twitter profile, can be nothing more than window dressing and cover up the fact that we really are doing business as usual, but hoping for different results.

Hyatt’s ‘elevator speech’ when he pitched the book for publication stated that the book:

  • is designed for anyone who is trying to get attention for his or her product, service or cause
  • teaches people how to build a tribe of loyal followers using social media and other new technologies

It concludes by noting that “it has never been easier, less expensive, or more possible than right now” to build a platform.

A great book with helpful information and inspiration. Definitely worth the $9.99 plus tax I paid for this e-book!