The Social Customer Infographic (Sprout Social)

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According to Sprout Social’s 2014 The Social Customer Infographic (see below), “user engagement is growing nearly nine times faster than social networks themselves.”

And, while the fastest growth in user engagement for Facebook and Twitter is in the entertainment sector, other areas showing impressive growth in one or both networks include: utilities (cable, cellular & internet), services, non-profits, travel & hospitality, retail and education.

Unfortunately, while consumers seem to be relying more on social networks, brands seem to be doing a worse job of responding to inquiries than they did less than a year ago, according to the Sprout Social Infographic:

  • 4 out of 5 consumer inquiries now go unanswered (21.7% in 2012 Q4 as opposed to 17.3% in 2013 Q3)
  • the average response time for brands to respond to consumers increased  from 10.3 hours in 2012 Q4 to 11.3 hours in 2013 Q3

The response rate appears to be best, but still disturbingly low, for: banks and utilities. Business services show the fastest response time at 9.5 hours but a disappointingly low response rate – only 17% of consumers hear back!

A brand’s followers and fans expect attentiveness, responsiveness, and value in exchange for their attention and loyalty. More than ever, consumers are in control and they expect brands to take care of them. – Sprout Social


The Social Customer Infographic” by Sprout Social The Social Customer Infographic