So You Want To Be A Social Media Manager?

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So You Want To Be A Social Media Manager

If the question “So You Want To Be A Social Manager?” resonates with you, listen up!

Understanding the social media networks you want to manage for your customers and how they work is important. In fact, there are literally tons of articles written on topics related to social media that will help prepare you to manage either your own or other businesses social media. So, the challenge for most who want to be social media managers is not difficulty in getting educated in the technical aspects.

Communication Skills, Common Sense & Emotional Intelligence

The difficulty can be in the area of communication skills, common sense and emotional intelligence. This isn’t meant to be harsh just realistic. If communication skills, common sense and emotional intelligence, are areas you are lacking in, social media management may not be the right job for you.

A recent comment on a client’s Facebook Page by someone whose Facebook Profile shows them as a Social Media Manager is a case in point. This person indicates they are self-employed and that their business, which shall remain nameless, is a Social Media Management company. I would be surprised to discover they have much if any small social media management customers. Or, if they do, that they achieve much for them.Why do I say this? Read on.

Case In Point

A small business, whose social media presence I manage, handles vehicle donations. The proceeds from the donated vehicles then go as charitable receipted donations to specific charities. In one of their recent posts a ‘Thank you’ to a specific donor was given and the post mentioned the type of car donated.

Someone who happened to see the post in their Facebook newsfeed took issues with the type of car mentioned, saying: “Not a 2000 Honda Civic ! It’s a 2000 Honda Accord! I suggest getting your eyes checked!

As the Social Media Manager for the client’s Facebook Page, I saw the post shortly after it was made.

Not only did I see it but the organization who benefitted from the donation saw the post. They decided to respond to it with this comment, “Thank You for the support, Civic/Accord doesn’t matter it’s the support that makes a difference. Lori you do amazing work, and thank you Darren.”

After reading both comments I decided no further action was needed on my part but I did check the profile of the person who made the comment. You can imagine my surprise to discover that the commenter lists Social Media Manager as their job title. They also indicates this is their own business.

After reading this I wondered, and seriously doubted, how successful their business could be based on their silly comment on my client’s page.

A Social Media Win For My Client

For my client, the comment was actually a win. Why? Because the charity stepped in and defended them and thanked them for all they do, in a very positive way. In doing so they negated the need for us (my client or me) to respond.

However, the person who made the comment initially said something about their emotional intelligence and understanding of social media.

Fortunately for him, it’s unlikely any of his potential customers saw his comment. If they had they might question (at least hopefully the would) if this was the right person to be handling their social media business! I mean, how unlikely is it that this was an aberration of his normal behaviour?

All this to say, learning all the technical stuff around social media management is extremely important.

Social Media Manager Communication Skills

But equally, and actually more important in my mind, is the ability to understand people and how to communicate with them. Communicating involves what you share, how you share it and how you respond to comments, both positive and negative. This is the minefield that can blow up your business if you don’t pay serious attention to it.

Social media isn’t just about posting stuff and getting lots of people to see it. It is about ‘reaching’ people in a way that enhances and supports your client’s brand as well as drives business sales. Sometimes the link between the first parts and the latter part is not easy to pinpoint precisely. But, when social media is done well, consistently  and over time it can have a huge impact on a business. But poor communication skills … or a Social Media Manager without emotional intelligence and good communication skills … can do a lot of damage to a business with little effort.

So do you still want to be a Social Media Manager? Here are a few links to articles on this website that may be helpful on the journey.