Setting Up Free Local Pickup As An Option In WooCommerce

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Image for Setting-Up-Free-Local-Pickup-As-An-Option-in-WooCommerceOne of our clients has moved away from the free Jigoshop eCommerce plugin and to the free WooCommerce plugin for their online store, built on WordPress.

As part of the move, we needed to setup product shipping. WooCommerce shipping setup is amazingly simple. Although, it didn’t seem so at first. Our client has several shipping options for various parts of the country. And she also offers ‘Free Shipping’ for larger options along with ‘Local Pickup’.

Setting up Free Local Pickup as an option in WooCommerce

Step 1
Follow the normal steps for setting up Shipping Zones in WooCommerce. (You’ll be walked through this when you set up WooCommerce. Or you’ll find the steps to setting up the Shipping Zones available here.)

Step 2
Once you’ve set up your Shipping Zones, just add Local Pickup to the Zone where free shipping is available. It’s as simple as clicking the small grey circle with the plus side inside of it, to add a second ‘shipping’ option. If you try to add it as a separate Zone you’ll run into problems with how things display in your online store’s cart area.

Technically ‘Local Pickup’ isn’t a Shipping Method.  It needs to be added as a Shipping Method to the Zone where it is available.

If you add it as a separate Zone Name it won’t show up or it may show up as the only option available in that zone. You need to add all options available in a particular zone to that one Zone Name.


Step 3

Free Local Pickup As An Option in WooCommerce CartFinally, test order a product, selecting the area where Local Pickup is available, to make sure the field shows up correctly. It should look something like the ‘Cart Totals’ image appearing on this page.

Finally, if you are looking for a solid eCommerce plugin for WordPress that is free, at least for the most commonly needed features, WooCommerce is your best option. They have a rating just shy of 5 stars and more than one million active installs.

To learn more about the WooCommerce plugin click here.