Getting Your Branded Facebook Page Address

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Have you set up your own branded Facebook Address for your Facebook business page? If your business Page is more than a year old, and possibly younger, you may not have been asked to set one up when you launched your Page. You can tell if you have a branded page, or not, by looking at the Facebook Page web address displayed in the browser bar.

If your web address looks like the following in your browser bar, you haven’t secured your distinct / branded Facebook Page address:


If your web address looks like the following in your browser bar, you have secured your distinct /branded Facebook Page address:

URL that is branded

Can you see the difference? One can’t really be shared in any kind of a print format or verbally, the other can.

Get It Sooner Rather Than Later

If you haven’t done so already you should, before another person or business grabs it for their own. This might not be an issue for brands like Coca Cola and Nike who can PROVE ownership of their brand quite easily. But for micro and small business owners this may be a different story.

Most micro and small business owners or brands would find it difficult, if not impossible, to convince Facebook that someone else is using a brand name for their Facebook page that belongs exclusively to them.

Get It To Make Promoting Your Page Easier

Having a distinct Facebook address … like …makes it much easier to promote your Facebook page in print and online. The alternative is a Facebook issued page name like Try putting THAT on your business card – or anywhere else for that matter!!

Get It By Following These Steps

Creating a Facebook Address for your business page is straight forward. Click here for the necessary steps in Creating Your Your Custom Facebook Page Web Address (The steps for creating your customer Facebook Page web address was updated in July 2014)