Optimizing Your Website Without Actually Doing SEO (Entrepreneur)

by | SEO

An article by Scott Levey at Entrepreneur.com shared wise counsel that is important for small business owners designing (or updating) their websites to consider.

“How to Optimize Your Site for Search Without Actually Doing SEO” shares 4 tips that make sense. Here they are (more details in the article itself):

  1. Create killer content
  2. Include your keywords in your articles and titles
  3. Incorporate social media share buttons on your site
  4. Offer expert advice on other websites


Levy includes this comment that is worth hearing loud and clear:

“One thing to remember is that Google likes sites and content that other people enjoy, find useful and share with others. When was the last time you shared a site that felt like spam or had little content on it?”

Food for thought and good advice for those looking to optimize their website with old school SEO tactics.