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Online Marketing Consulting

Let us help you put your best foot forward online!

Let us help you put your best foot forward online!

Looking for help with your online marketing?

Understanding how best to use online marketing to help grow brand recognition, and ultimately sales, is important for most businesses.

But it can also feel like just one more area vying for you and your staff’s already taxed attention.

Yet, today, online marketing is a critical part of building brand awareness and growing sales.

In large part because brand recognition is often an important deciding factor in a customer choosing one business over another to do business with. 

Building brand recognition and sales through online marketing takes thought, intentionality, consistency, time and money.

We can help!

Consulting (Online Presence & Marketing)

Are you a long-time business owner? Someone getting ready to launch a new business after years in another career? Or, are you in the early stages of growing a new business?

Our consulting services are available via Zoom for new and existing businesses wanting to strengthen and grow their brand and business online.

Some of the areas we consult on include your business website, Google Business profiles, Google Ads, and social media. Audits of your current online profile and recommendations for improvement are also available.

Social Media Consulting

For many businesses and professionals, a social media presence is a critical part of building and growing their brand.

Deciding what social media platforms to use for your business is influenced by many factors. Deciding what platforms to be active on, what to share and how often to share, as well as what tools to use in creating and sharing content, whether to pay to promote the content, and the time needed to accomplish everything, is an important part of the planning process.

We can help you develop a plan that works for your business, and to decide if the work can be done in-house or if some or all of it should be outsourced. If outsourcing is needed, we take on a limited number of accounts or we will work with you to find a suitable provider.

Social Media Training

Using Zoom technology we offer social media training and hands-on-support to businesses, non-profits and their staff.