Farewell SEO – Hello Optimizing Content For Discovery & Conversion

by | Online Presence, SEO

A well-reasoned article from Copyblogger suggests we replace the term  “SEO” with “OC/DC” … OC/DC stands for Optimizing Content for Discovery & Conversion.

The article provides solid reasons for the suggestion and points out, in effect, that SEO as we one time knew it is dead. While optimizing for search engines is a part of the equation it is no longer the whole equation. The author, Sean Jackson, points out:

What people really mean when they say “SEO” is the idea of optimizing content for discovery and conversion across a wide spectrum of the web … not just search engines.

For that reason, the term Search Engine Optimization is no longer a true fit.

Jackson goes on to include these six tactics “you can implement right now as part of your effort to optimize content discovery and conversion.” The tactic headings only are listed below and it’s worthwhile to read the article to get the full picture of what he is saying:

  1. Improve content symmetry.
  2. Consider mobile responsive design a requirement.
  3. Target a 3-second load time max.
  4. Don’t ignore author attribution methods beyond Google.
  5. Repurpose your existing content.
  6. Create your own research.

Here’s a helpful Infographic from the article …

ocdc infographic by copyblogger