NutshellMail – Free Social Media Service Helps You Manage & Monitor Your Brand

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Have you heard of NutshellMail?

It’s a free service from Constant Contact that “tracks your brand’s social media activity and delivers a summary to your email inbox on your schedule.” It doesn’t cover all social networking sites but Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn are available.

I have to say that after I signed up for NutshellMail and received my first email summary I was disappointed. As I scrolled through the list of Facebook Pages I manage I thought to myself “this is pretty useless information” – but I was wrong! I almost cancelled the service before I really understood it to avoid having more unneeded email to scroll through each day – thankfully I didn’t.

Over the next few days I started to open the reports that came in via email and here is what I discovered – in particular as it pertains to Facebook:

  • They are in a simple and easy to read format – and you decide when you want to receive them (mine come daily)
  • They provide me with a daily overview of the posts made to each Facebook Page – this makes it easy for me to follow what is happening on my clients’ Facebook Pages and to add a like, a share or a comment when I see that they have posted something. I don’t have to visit every Page to see if there is activity, NutShellMail tells me what I need to know.
  • The report provides a summary of how many people have liked each Facebook page, any new likes, clicks, posts or page views. This helps me get an overall sense of what is happening on each Page – no need to visit each page individually, I check the report and decide who to ‘visit’ from what I see in the report.

There is more to the service than what I’ve mentioned here but suffice to say the service is definitely worth checking out and it’s FREE. Hard to beat that!