Make YOUR Social Network Names Easy To Share

by | Branding, Social Media, Social Network Usernames

No matter what you call it – a distinctive URL, a vanity URL a public profile URL or a social network website address – having a customized web address that is consistent across your various  social networks is a valuable tool for building your brand and marketing your business.

A custom branded website address is easier to remember, share, and print on your business cards and other marketing materials. The name should work with your website too. It may not be identical to your website address but should be easily identifiable as your brand.

For professional networks like LinkedIn where your profile is based on your personal name, it’s important to secure a custom branded website address too. Hopefully, one that is the same as your name and if not exactly as you would like it, at least memorable and easy to share.

How To Make Your Social Network Name Easy To Remember

Once your customized social network website addresses are setup, share them at every opportunity. And be sure to include links and/or information in the following areas, to make it easy for people to find you and connect with you online:

  • Website
  • Email signature(s)
  • Business Cards
  • Letterhead, invoices, and other stationary
  • eNewsletters and print Newsletters
  • List the key social networks on all of your social networks (cross-promote)
  • Advertising (print, radio, bus signage, billboards, etc.)
  • In-store promotions (i.e. posters, in-store signage)
  • Promotional materials like pens, calendars, fridge magnets, note pads, hats, t-shirts, car marketing signage, etc.
  • Sales material like catalogues, proposals, and quotes
  • … and any other place you can think of!

Make it easy for people to remember you and find you online. This plays an important role in the overall building of your brand.