10 Ways To Make Your Lead Generation Website Convert On The First Visit

by | Best Practices, Websites

First impressions can be make-or-break your business, especially when it comes to Internet marketing. Here at Straight North we’ve reviewed more than 350,000 website conversions and discovered that 83 percent of the time, website visitors convert on their first visit.

Armed with that information, Internet marketers should concentrate their efforts on making sure they have a website that drives visitors to convert immediately, rather than coming back multiple times before pulling the trigger.

The following presentation explains exactly why this is so critical and lays out some tips for building a website that converts faster — so make sure your site’s first impression is the only one it needs.

At the time of writing this article, Brad Shorr is Director of Content Strategy for Straight North, a provider of SEO and PPC management services. Brad has more than 25 years of marketing, sales and management experience — and is an active and respected blogger who has been featured on sites including Forbes and Entrepreneur.