How to Link Your Facebook Page to Twitter

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For those wanting to publish their Facebook business page posts on Twitter, linking your Facebook business page (or your personal profile) to Twitter should be simple, right? And, it is, once you figure out where to look on Facebook. Finding the link, however, can be a huge challenge.

If you’re looking for where to go to set up the link posting Facebook content to Twitter, don’t worry, I’m going to give you the answer! But before I give away the secret … because that is what it appears to be when one searches on Facebook for the answer … please hang in there with me as a I share a brief rant. (If you’re desperate for the link, simply scroll to the bottom of the page . . . I understand, really, I do!)

I’m not sure why but often these simple processes, especially with Facebook, seem to be buried away as if they are national treasures. One would think that a simple search using the word ‘Twitter’ or ‘Link Facebook to Twitter’ would yield promising results. Not so! Instead one receives a long list of 50 suggestions, none of which seem to mention Twitter!

Weird!! Facebook isn’t known for it’s search function … but wouldn’t you think that at the very least a search about ‘Twitter’ would at least yield results related to Twitter? That would be a wise and logical guess, right? And, it would be wrong.


Linking your Facebook Page to Twitter is easy … if you can figure out where to go!

Others have also written on how to link your Facebook Page to Twitter. And they’ve provided links that very likely worked at one time. Most lead to pages on Facebook that no longer work. It seems that Facebook is making it difficult to at least FIND the information on how to connect your Facebook Page to your Twitter account. Hmmm.

It’s interesting too because the image on the right of the page is really nicely done and is the one you’ll come to when setting up a Facebook to Twitter business page or personal profile link for the first time.

If you’ve set up a Facebook to Twitter link on another page already, a different page will open that shows your personal Facebook profile and any business pages you have access to through your profile, rather than the one to the right. It is then simply a matter of choosing the page you want to connect to Twitter and follow the steps below.

The process is so simple, once you find the page, that you may not really need the steps but, just in case, I’ve included them along with the link to the page where you make it all happen. The process is fairly intuitive. What isn’t, is finding the actual page!

Okay, rant done. Now here are the steps (at least for today and hopefully much longer):

  1. Go to
  2. If you’ve never done this before, find the “Link a page to Twitter” text, just below the prominent green “Link my Profile to Twitter” button. (If you’ve done this before you’ll arrive at the page for the next step.)
  3. Find the profile or page you want to link to Twitter and click on the “Link to Twitter” that appears to the right of the page name or profile
  4. Once you’ve clicked “Link to Twitter”, a Twitter window or page will pop up asking you to “Authorize Facebook to use your account”.  If the Twitter account you want to link to Facebook is already open in another browser tab, you’ll simply need to click on the “Authorize app” tab. If your Twitter account isn’t open in another browser tab, you’ll need to enter your username and password and then “Authorize app”
  5. After clicking “Authorize app”, you’ll be taken back to Facebook where you can choose what type of content (i.e. status updates, photos, etc.) you want to share on Twitter. One you’ve chosen what you would like posted on to Twitter, click the save button.
  6. You’re done!