Impressive Service From Facebook On Username & Page Name Changes

by | Facebook, Social Media

It used to be that once you set your Facebook username (URL or vanity URL) that was it. You couldn’t change it. That is no longer the case – Facebook now lets you change it once more, although you do need to go through the process of asking their permission.

I admit I was skeptical as to how easy it would be to do this. I anticipated waiting several days, if not weeks, to hear back from Facebook after an initial request.

But it that wasn’t what happened!
After requesting permission for username changes on two different Facebook Pages, I was shocked to receive approval on both in under 12 hours!!! And then (shock #2), when I replied back with a ‘thank you for the quick action’ email, I received a personal (at least it seemed personal to me) reply back saying, in effect, ‘you’re welcome, let us know if we can help in any other way’.

Impressive and fast action, especially considering the size of Facebook!

By the way, I also requested two name changes on Facebook Pages too (the name that appears below your cover image) and had similar service/results.

Keep up the good work Facebook!!!