How To Get A Distinct Google+ Username Today

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For those of you not wanting to wait for Google+ to offer you the opportunity to create a distinct Google+ username that includes the info, take advantage of makes creating a short and memorable URL for Google+ easy to do. No fuss, no extra information to provide, just enter in the long number that is your Google+ ID (i.e. 104279437441275427868) along with the ‘Nick Name’ (short URL) you’d like and click ‘add’.

That’s it! You’re done.

Now add this handy little URL to your business cards and other print material to make it easy for people to find you on Google+.

Without a distinct URL it’s pretty much impossible to print your Google+ username on your business cards or other print material.

Would you rather have this?

OR this?

Granted, having would be great but the important piece for now is to have a username that is easy to remember and can be printed on a business card. Of course, if you’re not a serious user of Google+ this may not be important to you.

Time will tell whether Google+ can gain traction and truly become a threat to the likes of Facebook. If the following May 2012 infographic by Go.Gulf  is accurate, Google+ has a long way to go.

According to the infographic time spent by users on the top five social networks each month looks like this:

  • Facebook – 405 minutes
  • Pinterest – 405 minutes
  • Twitter – 89 minutes
  • LinkedIn – 21 minutes
  • Google+ – 3 minutes

Google+ users apparently spend little time on the site. The image to the right was taken from the infographic. View the full infographic by clicking on the image.