Facebook Lets You Change Your Username (Distinct URL) A Second Time

by | Branding, Facebook, Social Media

Interesting discovery last night — Facebook will now let you change your user chosen Facebook Business Pagte username (becomes your distinct URL) a 2nd time! It used to be that once you set it (for those of you who have taken advantage of this important branding tool) you couldn’t change it – no second chances.

From the looks of the message that popped up while creating a distinct URL for a client (see below), it now looks like Facebook has changed this policy. The top line of the NEW message reads:  “You can only change the username … once after you set it the first time.” Implying you can now change it a second time. Woohoo!

Especially good news for those companies who had set their username without much forethought and would now like to make even a small change to their name. Looks like you can now do it!