What To Do & Not Do On Your Facebook Business Page

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A good infographic from Vertical Response on what to do and not do on your Facebook business page.

Use the points raised in this well done infographic as a guide book, not a rule book.

For instance, when it comes to frequency of posting:

  • Your business may easily be able to post more frequently without your fans seeing it as an interruption. Some businesses can post 3 or 4 times a day, 7 days a week and fans love it (assuming the posts make it into their news feed). For instance, Martha Stewart – and many others. If your posts are helpful, inspirational and/or visual and relate to people’s personal lives – home decorating, food, clothing, pets, romance, etc. – more may be completely fine.
  • Know the demographic you are targeting. This should be the key influencer as to how much you post and what you post.
  • It is not easy to make it into the news feed of those who are following you on your Facebook business page. Chances are you’ll be lucky to make it into the news feed of 10% of your fans. For this reason, posting too little can ensure you are never seen in the news feed of any of your fans.
  • Boost your Facebook posts (promoted posts) to help extend the reach of your posts, but be choosey about what posts you boost. Promoted posts can help you reach your existing fans and their friends or reach a broader targeted audience (by age, gender, interests, location-city, region, country). When promoting posts choose wisely what you will promote – make it your best content. Content that will strengthen your brand name recognition and reputation, content that will drive traffic to your website and Facebook page, and most importantly, content that fans and potential fans will find interesting, helpful, informative, valuable, engaging, shareable, likable, etc.

In the end analysis, how often you post and what you post should be determined by who the target audience is you hope to reach and what they  want to see.  It’s not about what you want to share but about what your fans (clients/potential clients) want to see/read in their news feed.

Most people are on Facebook to connect with family and friends. They will ‘flee your brand’ if they feel you are cluttering up their news feed with uninteresting, self-promoting content.

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Courtesy of: VerticalResponse