Clockify or TSheets: Free Time Tracker & Timesheet Apps

by | Free Online Tools & Resources, Productivity

In November 2020 I switched to Clockify to track time spent on projects for billing purposes. And also to simply track my time spent generally on work for my business. Prior to that I had been using TSheets. I had been quite happy with TSheets’ performance. But something happened late last year that got me looking for a different app to track time. The time tracker app I stumbled upon was Clockify.

As with TSheets, Clockify has a free and a premium option. The only option I need at this time is the free one. And once I tried Clockify to track time there was no turning back. I love the app and find it intuitive and easy to use. Much more so than TSheets which I found to be a great tool. Until I stumbled upon Clockify that is.

So, while I’m not paying to use their app, the least I can do is mention what a great app it is! I’m sure the premium version is well worth it too. But right now the free app is all I need for my small business.

As a website designer and consultant for small businesses it’s a great tool! I find Clockify helps me track the time I spend on projects and other sundry stuff easily.

If you’re looking for a free time tracker and timesheet app check out Clockify. I highly recommend it! Looking for something a bit more robust than their free version? Check out their premium version.

Disclaimer: Most of my day is spent working on my desktop computer due to the nature of my work. Thus, I haven’t spent any time on the mobile app. That said, if my experience with the desktop version is any indication of its value I would say it is definitely worth testing out.